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What time shall we book our wedding for?  An odd question you may think.

When you go through your wedding planning an often missed question is, “will there be enough light for the photographs that we want after the ceremony?”

For example at this time of year in the Midlands it is dark around 4 pm . A 3 o’clock wedding might mean that you have to rush to get any photography done after the service let alone everything you want.

time to leave for the reception

To help you work on this fortunately there are a number of smart phone apps that will let you put in your desired date and see what time sunset occurs.

Once you have this important piece of information you can consider how many group shots you need (and how long it will take to wrangle the required guests for each shot) and how long you would like to have for a bride and groom portrait session before needing to head for the reception.

Having done all this you can arrive at a best wedding time.

Of course if it’s a civil ceremony at a venue then you can also consider whether there are indoor locations that you could use. These should also be considerations for the bad weather plan for church weddings as well.

We also have to have a bad weather plan. This involves carrying powerful lights, checking out the venues in advance and planning with the venue staff.

Isn’t it nice to know the score of a fixture in advance – here’s one for you.

Bride 1 : Weather 0

Happy planning.

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