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Why do I need a Wedding album?

Why do I need a wedding album?

  A question that we are often asked.

People are looking for affordable wedding photography but this has to be balanced with long term value.

Lots of budget conscious brides opt for someone doing some pictures on a usb for a couple of hundred pounds. The problems with that will manifest themselves in years to come.

Technology is evolving at breakneck speed. I was speaking with friends recently about the old Sony walkman and one of the children said, “what’s one of those” I explained that it played music cassettes. I then had to answer what a cassette was. We are already heading down that road with CD/DVD most new computers do not have an optical drive, many only have a small hard drive on the assumption of everything being kept in the cloud. Imagine the scenario in a few years. A grandchild picks up a usb stick and asks “what’s this?” you explain that it has your wedding pictures on it, which you probably haven’t looked at since you got married. Great says the child can I see them? You then realise that usb is no longer supported as we’ve moved to some radio connected device or something that we haven’t thought of yet. Then you remember that you had a wedding album as well. You get out the heavy bound book with those high gloss images of your wedding day.

This is the heirloom that you can offer your grand children / great grand children. If kept safely an album will last a lifetime.

The Company that we use has over 150 pages of covers alone in it’s catalogue before you get on to paper types and styles. There are many album suppliers and thus thousands of album styles out there. I’ve never sold more than one of a particular album cover so it is effectively unique to you. When you budget for your wedding photography, budget for the future and go for a quality album and keep those memories as fresh as the day that they happened.  

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