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Wedding details made by one of our grooms

What will make your wedding unique ?

A question many brides puzzle over every year as many popular venues will all look the same for each wedding.

One of the cheaper ways of doing it is the DIY detail look. We have had the pleasure to photograph weddings where the happy couple have dressed up the venue themselves to put their stamp on it to a greater or lesser extent.

The accompanying photo group shows one such wedding where Tom put his creative skills to work, from the candle holders to a box with flip flops in to let the guests feet rest from dress shoes. If you have any sort of craft skills you can give your wedding that unique touch whilst spending a fraction of the cost of buying items in.

Simple dress code themes have also been popular. These can go from grand Colour Schemes or just wearing something in the couple’s favourite colour.
Perhaps those couples reading this would like to comment and share this around so that we can perhaps give some hints to couples who like the idea of making things special without spending huge amounts buying things in?


Enjoy your wedding planning everyone and good luck on the big day. We hope to see some of you in the future.


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