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London Olympians Weightlifting Combine

Last Saturday, 21 January 2017, I was invited to the Muscleworks Gym in Bethnal Green for the London Olympians British American Football Team pre season weightlifting Combine.

The athletes were to take part in three disciplines, straight lift, bench press and squats.

Normally you expect players in this sport to be heavily built. It was surprising to see many who were quite slightly built, but boy did they have some strength.

Towards the end the lifts got to the 175-180kg mark (almost 400lb). To give you something to compare against I weigh about 105kg.

The determination to beat personal bests showed, as did the encouragement from their team mates and the coaches. Just look at the strain showing in the images below.

Without doubt an amazing evening.


London Olympians weight lifting combine


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