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Equine Portrait Sessions

The Equine portrait is something that many owners have never thought about. For most people, your horse is part of the family. Families usually have artwork of various members on display. This display of your family is why we recommend printed images rather than digital files, which get put in a drawer and forgotten, I’m afraid to say.

Kerri poses with her horse Frank - Equine Portrait in Yorkshire by What a Picture photography
An equine portrait session gives you the opportunity to be photographed with your horse in a way that you don’t normally do on a daily basis. The session takes place in an area familiar to the horse so that there are no surprises.
It is suggested that you have 3 sets of clothes or tops at least to give variety to the collection. I normally suggest thinking along the lines of casual, smart casual and dress up. Normal yard wear probably won’t give you the best images. It also helps if there is someone to assist with the horse if necessary. Most images are taken with the owner at ground level. For any mounted images it is suggested that personal protective equipment is worn. The session normally lasts for around 2 hours for an individual.

Katie and Bert quine portrait session, Wooton Wawen with Kevin Cleaver


For sessions involving under 17’s, we do require the presence of a supervising adult. Some yards ask about DBS checks. Photography is not a regulated occupation as per the DBS as it doesn’t fit the criteria so we cannot apply for them. We are never alone with a young person which is why we need to have a supervising adult present for equine portraiture sessions as a safeguarding measure.




Our session fee is £100 for a 2-hour session including a 12″ x 8″ unframed print

Our albums start at £250 for a 20-page book  hand made in Italy

The canvas and acrylic line start from £100 from our Italian supplier

Image boxes start at £250 for 10 images

Framed prints are available. 



Sian, Isobel and Imogen wooton wawen equine portrait session



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