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Angela Hamilton dance images - What a Picture Photography

Angela Hamilton dance images from Andrew Appleton’s dance workshop


Dancers always make for great images whether it be in traditional ballet positions or more fashion oriented poses.

As with any form of photography, to get the best from a session requires some education. I want to do some dance photography if the opportunity becomes available at one of the local dance schools or competitions. To do this I need to know how to get my subject at their best.

This week my luck was in. Andrew Appleton was holding a dance photography workshop in Birmingham. On the 4th September I arrived together with 5 other delegates. We were introduced to our model and dance guide, Angela Hamilton. Not only is Angela a dancer but also an instructor so we had the benefit of being shown how each movement should  look when performed correctly so that we could time taking the picture.

During the day we worked through a variety of static poses, jumps, fashion dance and art nude dance.

Angela Hamilton - What a Picture Photography

Angela Hamilton models for us during the dance workshop

The single image was one that took 4 people to make it happen, material wrangler, speedlight holder, reflector holder and smoke operator.

It was a great opportunity to meet some of the local photographers whilst training. Andrew has a very laid back instructing style that suits my way of learning.



I would like to thank Andrew and Angela for an interesting introduction to dance photography . This is certainly something I will do more with.

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