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Confetti less popular than in the past?

Confetti use  in British weddings goes back to the late 1800’s. Photographs of showers of it have always been popular in wedding albums. Throwing it always seems to be a source of fun for children and mothers. Mothers in particular seem to have this habit of pulling the front of their daughters dress and chucking a packet full into it.confetti time

In recent timespeople seem to take confetti to weddings less than before unless the bride decides to provide some herself.

I have asked guests about this at recent weddings and many say that they don’t take it with them because they think that the Church won’t allow themto throw it.

Brides to be, Would like to continue the tradition of the confetti shower? When you have your meeting with the officiant or your planner at the venue why not remember to ask about throwing confetti.

If they are happy for its use why not Confetti conesmention it on your invites to the guests and get people to go for it. Consult with your photographer on how to capture it and bring back tradition to the wedding season.

We look forward to seeing loads of it this year.

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