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Reduce the stress of planning your wedding – part 1 Wedding insurance

Wedding Insurance

Why do I need wedding insurance

Over the next few weeks we will try and give you a few tips on reducing the stress of planning your wedding just by identifying some targets before going out researching.

Our first one is something that I have mentioned before which is wedding insurance.

Most of us think “Why do I need insurance? What could possibly go wrong that is so catastrophic that we end up cancelling?

There are, of course many things which could cause you a problem. Let’s look at a few. Depending on where your wedding is to be held it could be subject to being isolated by flood or snow, power cuts can be a problem. Not everywhere has a back up generator. Illness of yourselves, venue staff or officiants could cause a cancellation. I’m sure that you can think of lots more similar problems.

Vendors could cease trading or the staff suffer from illness.

What should my policy cover

Wedding Insurance is not overly expensive and, like all other insurance comes in all sorts of flavours. You need to consider the following before doing a search for a quote:-

How much excess am I prepared to pay.

What is the total value of my expenditure for everything to do with the wedding.

Do you wish to cover consequential events – for example take the hotel being flooded and having to close. You have a lot of people to find accommodation for. Most policies wont cover this.

Where do I get it.Kings Norton Wedding Photographer smoke and light

There are lots of suppliers out there. Depending on your way of searching you might want to try various companies own sites to get the best deal. If you’re lazy like me you might just use a comparison site. Please make sure that the policy that you choose covers the items that you have picked from my notes above.

The earlier you get your policy going the more piece of mind as you start booking things with a non refundable retainer.


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