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A question to ask when arranging your wedding

Almost every little girl starts planning her wedding day subconciously as a child. Her day as a princess. As that little girl gets older she plans walking down the asle or into the ceremony room on the arm of her escort.

A proud dad escorts his daughter down the aisle

A proud dad escorts his daughter down the aisle

Traditionally that scene is played out in front of the wedding photographers camera to be preserved for posterity.

That is often no longer the case. Obstructions now often include Vicars who will not allow any photographs in their church and registrars who will not allow photographers in the ceremony room.


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This is sometimes due to their belief that the service is sacrosanct and should be respected as such and sometimes they have had issues with photographers or videographers overstepping the mark and thus everyone suffers.

This being the case we would always recommend that at an early stage in your planning you ask the question “Can my photographer take pictures during the service?”

At least if you are told at this stage that they cannot you are well placed to decide whether the venue or the photographs are more important. It may well be that the venue has a sentimental attachment which means that missing a few images is acceptable. On the other hand you may reconsider your selection.

Whichever option applies just please, please ask the question to avoid being disappointed on the week of the wedding when you are told , “no pictures”

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