Welcoming our latest venture – Nursery School Photography

Hi everyone,


I hope that you have all survived the Easter Chocfest and if you’ve managed to get away I hope that you had a great time.

Today marks the official launch of our latest endeavour – Nursery School Photography

We are looking to work with local nurseries to photograph their pre-school children and, of course we can also offer other services, particularly as many pre-schools now have graduations.

Nursery Photography Proof card
Nursery Photography proof card for parents

Initially we have planned to use the proof card system where parents can check their selections and return the cards to the school for us to process. IF, there is a demand for it we also have the ability to set up an online ordering facility to make it more user friendly to the schools.

We have gone for the multi-pose option to allow for the traditional portrait and to be able to show off a little of the child’s character.

 DBS checks.

As we are a Limited Liability Company we are treated as self employed. This precludes us from getting checks done as you cannot check yourself. I’m sure that Schools have a way of sorting this out to allow it to be done by themselves or the Local Education Authority if they require them. Our own Policy is that we are never to be left alone with any of the children.

If you are a nursery teacher or know one in the West Midlands area and are interested in the service please get in touch via the Contact page or call us on 0121 663 0442

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