Prints V digital files

Hi everyone, I was going to write a piece on the things to consider when looking at printed photographs v digital files when I found an excellent article that was written a couple of years back which I’ll print below as the writer has done it much better than I can. That being said the change in technology progresses at a rapid pace. Not only are cd/dvd virtually obsolete I can see the humble usb going the same way. So what next?

We have no idea what will be the next stage in the evolution of our data storage. I’m guessing some sort of cloud system. What happens if something goes horribly wrong. Look at the anguish caused just by losing your phone or dropping it in a puddle. Now multiply that by your entire digital life. Worth a pause for thought.

Have a read of the original article – This article was written by Marianne Drenthe of Marmalade Photography and can be found at the Professional Child Photography site at

” Photography has become commonplace, virtually everyone loves taking photos and most people do a pretty decent job at it.  However there are times when you want to hire a professional photographer to create extra special images for your family.  You want to display some incredibly beautiful, emotiveimages that capture who your family is at this moment in time, you want those photos to represent something spectacular, you have this vision of gorgeous albums, a stunning framed portrait in your foyer, an outstanding gallery wrap canvas hanging over your fireplace mantle.

Framed Digital Image

You begin calling to interview photographers and inevitably you explain to them that you want to print these images yourself.  You’re looking for the photographer that will create those beautiful, evocative images for you, unique to you and your family and you want them to hand over the images for you to print.  Somehow you’ve come to believe that getting the disc of images is best because you control the process and it’s cheaper to print yourself.

What?!  Come again?

This scenario is very representative of the photography market today.  Somehow people have been brainwashed into believing that digital files are the best option when, in fact, they are not.  Digital images are MEANT to be is a temporary method of storage: all too many things can go wrong with digital media leaving you in a lurch with a ton of images that were never printed; images that will never be displayed in your beautiful home; images that will never be archived and made permanent.  Lets face it, for many people, after you get back your disc from said photographer, the disc goes in the drawer to never see the light of day…maybe JUST MAYBE to be unearthed (if you’re lucky) in a year or two with an “I meant to print some of these…” utterance.

Why some photographers do not sell digital images or sell them only at a premium price


Let’s say you go through the process & expense of hiring a photographer and end up purchasing the disc of images.  Then you figure you’ll “get to it later” and don’t bother printing up those photos for yourself.  That disc then stays in the drawer for a period of time.  Perhaps these images are of your newborn baby girl at 7 days old but now she’s almost 13 years old!).  You want to create something really special for her 13th birthday so you finally take that disc of images out of that drawer and put it in the CD tray of your computer to get them printed. In the CD goes as you wait…and wait.  No images found.  Hmmm…  You hit eject on your tired old computer and pop out that CD tray.  You then make sure the CD is inserted properly, close the cd drawer and again…waiting…waiting.   POOF your images are gone!  They are nonexistent.  This particular CD-R from your daughter’s newborn session doesn’t even show any data on it!  You go through the explore process to see what files are on that disc to find out there are none.  There is no data on this disc!!  Now you freak out.  You compose yourself long enough to remember the photography studio that took these particular images and you call the photographer to order another disc to deliver to your home ASAP.  When you finally find and call the number it is no longer a business number.   Then you go online to find that photographer only to find that they are now out of business nowhere to be found!  You have no way of getting a hold of that photographer.  You once had all these amazing images of your daughter (never backed up, never saved as prints) but now you can’t even access them!  You went to this photographer for the first two years of your daughter’s life, frazzled and more than a bit freaked out you start pulling CD-ROM out for each and every session from those two years and poof!  one after the other the images on each of those CDs has somehow disappeared!  It’s the photographer’s fault!  It’s a defective disk!  The photographer is a scam artist!  A thousand thoughts whirl in your head when the sad reality is:


Sounds implausible?  It isn’t.  It’s actually a well known fact that CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs are not meant as a long term storage solution.  Neither are USB keys or hard drives, no electronic storage system is infallible, that’s the truth.

It’s true! The Myth of The 100 Year CD-Rom

But wait!!  That can’t happen to you…your photographer doesn’t burn images to a CD!! So this scenario isn’t possible.  The photographer you use, well they’re smart (and so are you) for choosing to put images on a USB key.  Those have to be fool proof – right?!

No.  USB storage is a very recent phenomena and knowing how technology evolves chances are that the USB storage key you received from your photographer will go the way of the floppy disc within ten years, give or take.  Think hard now, when is the last time you’ve seen a computer with a working floppy drive?  Can you guarantee you’ll still have a working computer with a USB port in ten years?


More on the topic of things you haven’t seen in awhile…

“Oh but I didn’t just LEAVE those images on the USB key…I also downloaded them to my hard drive!”

If I had a dime for every hard drive failure I’ve heard about I’d be at least $100 richer or AKA The Story of Some Sad Photographers

Do the math.  That’s a lot of hard drive failures.  And they’re very real and scary.

But you need not worry, you have multiple copies of your images on multiple hard drives scattered far and wide, right?  Yeah well…

A photographer friend (who shall remain nameless) hadn’t printed up any images of her young children in several years.  She decided since they were taking a long trip away from home that “now’s the time to get editing and printing.”

Off they went on their trip, planning on working hard on getting up to date with her photos she did the smart thing: she brought along her laptop, her external hard drives and the back up drives on vacation with them on vacation.  You know…so she could do catch up, get some editing done, get some images tuned up and ready to order.

A few weeks into the trip, all seems good, right as rain, she’s excited because many of these images were of her youngest when she was super little and she didn’t have any prints from this time in her life.  She’s finally going to get them printed.

She kept her equipment locked up and secure when they were away but somehow someone knew to break into the place where she was storing said equipment (hard drives and back up drives) and someone took it.  EVERY last bit of it.  Every drive, the laptop, everything.  Can you imagine how awful that felt?  To lose all those memories? Sadly, she was unaware of backing up files online on a self-hosted site.

That’s a tough lesson to learn.  I mean she did do the right things mostly, right?  She had back up drives of her images…but yet this method still failed her EVEN without the hard drive failure!

Years of images GONE.  Zero printed copies of these long gone moments.  Probably stuff like baby’s first bath, baby and big sister playing in the bath tub, playing dress up, baby’s first steps…the list of lost images is heart wrenching.  Had she had the prints at least she would still have the prints, I’m pretty sure prints are zero value to a petty thief but they are invaluable to the memory holder.

That story is 100% real and it’s 100% sad and there’s a hundred more like it: hard drive failures, power surges that mess up operating systems, house fires that ruin computer equipment.  More theft (in homes).  A lot of what I’m illustrating happened to those who do and should know better: photographers! – Ed- very true, I’ve lost lots of images in a hard drive crash – Kev

I bet they won’t have to learn that lesson twice.

So what you’re saying is digital files are bad?No.  To the contrary what I am saying is this.  Think long and hard about basing your photographer choices based upon availability of digital files and/or price.   What you’re making the investment in may not be what is truly the best option for you: digital files are great if you plan on using labs that you know for a fact can reproduce images to what your photographer saw on their screen when they edited those images, if your photographer sells digital files then they should recommend to you a lab that can do a decent job.   HOWEVER know this: to get the best quality images from your session you really should think about having your photographer control the printing process simply because your photographer has access to labs that can accurately reproduce images to their standards.  I assure you most photographers are so ridiculously strict on what they deliver to a client you’d really be surprised how many images don’t pass our muster and have to be redone.  A true professional photographer CARES about the quality of the images that hang on your wall because THEIR name is on those images, maybe not physically so but that is their life’s work up there.  They want your friends and your family to be wowed by the gorgeousness of their work, it only serves them to do so.

Quality should trump quantity every time.  Often photographers receive the questions regarding digital files and then “How many images do I get?” What a silly question really.   Unless you plan on wall paper plastering your walls with photos from your session the question shouldn’t be: ”How many images do I get?”  but  ”How much will I love my images?”  ”Will I want to display my images?”  The answer should be yes.  The photos you put on display in your home should reflect the character and beauty of your family and be captured in the best manner possible and should be reproduced on fine quality professional photo paper or canvas.

A wannabe-hobbyist photographer may say: “You’ll get 50 images (and based on the law of averages) you’ll like some of them.”

A true professional photographer will be confident in their skills enough to say: “You will love your images, all of them.” and assure you the images captured at your photography session will be of the finest quality, reproduced in print on the finest paper by the finest professional labs available to them. “

The moral of the story is, to me, that well preserved prints are your heritage to the next generation.

Until next time.

Make your wedding unique

wedding details_ What_a_Picture_Photography
Wedding details made by one of our grooms

What will make your wedding unique? A question many brides puzzle over as many popular venues will all look the same for each wedding.
One of the cheaper ways of doing it is the DIY detail look. We have had the pleasure to photography weddings where the happy couple have dressed up the venue themselves to put their stamp on it to a greater or lesser extent.
The accompanying photo group shows one such wedding where Tom put his creative skills to work, from the candle holders to a box with flip flops in to let the guests feet rest from dress shoes.
Perhaps those couples reading this would like to comment and share this around so that we can perhaps give some hints to couples who like the idea of making things special without spending huge amounts buying things in?

Enjoy your wedding planning everyone and good luck on the big day. We hope to see some of you in the future.

A question to ask when arranging your wedding

Almost every little girl starts planning her wedding day subconciously as a child. Her day as a princess. As that little girl gets older she plans walking down the asle or into the ceremony room on the arm of her escort.

A proud dad escorts his daughter down the aisle
A proud dad escorts his daughter down the aisle

Traditionally that scene is played out in front of the wedding photographers camera to be preserved for posterity.

That is often no longer the case. Obstructions now often include Vicars who will not allow any photographs in their church and registrars who will not allow photographers in the ceremony room.

the first kiss

This is sometimes due to their belief that the service is sacrosanct and should be respected as such and sometimes they have had issues with photographers or videographers overstepping the mark and thus everyone suffers.

This being the case we would always recommend that at an early stage in your planning you ask the question “Can my photographer take pictures during the service?”

At least if you are told at this stage that they cannot you are well placed to decide whether the venue or the photographs are more important. It may well be that the venue has a sentimental attachment which means that missing a few images is acceptable. On the other hand you may reconsider your selection.

Whichever option applies just please, please ask the question to avoid being disappointed on the week of the wedding when you are told , “no pictures”

If you would like to talk to us about your wedding go to  and leave us a contact request.

exchanging rings

Our world is changing

We have been trying out a studio space for the last few months as it was something that we always wanted to do. A review of the results suggests that we will be able to better serve our clients by doing location portrait sessions as it is a more flexible business model and a bit more foun for the younger subjects who love to run around.

All portrait sessions from now on will be in the location format.

Nothing changes with the equine, wedding and dog photography genres of course.

We look forward to seeing some of you during the summer school holidays.

You will also notice that we have a nice new logo.

Keep an eye on the website at  and our facebook page at Whatapicturephotography

vows by What a Picture Photography
Our happy couple exchanging vows
make up touch up - What a Picture Photography
Make up being carefully touched up
getting ready - What a Picture Photography
Getting the garter right needs some help with balancing

London Olympians Weightlifting Combine

Last Saturday, 21 January 2017, I was invited to the Muscleworks Gym in Bethnal Green for the London Olympians British American Football Team pre season weightlifting Combine.

The athletes were to take part in three disciplines, straight lift, bench press and squats.

Normally you expect players in this sport to be heavily built. It was surprising to see many who were quite slightly built, but boy did they have some strength.

Towards the end the lifts got to the 175-180kg mark (almost 400lb). To give you something to compare against I weigh about 105kg.

The determination to beat personal bests showed, as did the encouragement from their team mates and the coaches. Just look at the strain showing in the images below.

Without doubt an amazing evening.


London Olympians weight lifting combine




Little Miss sessions

My apologies for a lack of posts for a while.

Our post Christmas offering has been our Little Miss sessions. The first of these was on Sunday 22 January 2017.

Alissa, Shavika and Shivani came along to see us and we had a great time with them including getting their mothers involved in our special box shoot.

We still have availability for these sessions if you know anyone who may be interested.

Click this link for more information

Alissa, Shivika and Shivani came along to see us.

Little Miss Collage
Alissa, Shivika, and Shivani came in recently for a Little Miss session

What time should we book Our Wedding

“What time shall we book our wedding for?” An odd question you may think.

When you go through your wedding planning an often missed question is, “will there be enough light for the photographs that we want after the ceremony?”

For example at this time of year in the Midlands it is dark around 4 pm . A 3 o’clock wedding might mean that you have to rush to get any photography done after the service let alone everything you want.

To help you work on this fortunately there are a number of smart phone apps that will let you put in your desired date and see what time sunset occurs.

Once you have this important piece of information you can consider how many group shots you need (and how long it will take to wrangle the required guests for each shot) and how long you would like to have for a bride and groom portrait session before needing to head for the reception.

Having done all this you can arrive at a best wedding time.

Of course if it’s a civil ceremony at a venue then you can also consider whether there are indoor locations that you could use. These should also be considerations for the bad weather plan for church weddings as well.

We also have to have a bad weather plan. This involves carrying powerful lights, checking out the venues in advance and planning with the venue staff.

Isn’t it nice to know the score of a fixture in advance – here’s one for you.

Bride 1 : Weather 0

Happy planning.

Charlie and Tom's Redhouse barn Wedding 30 September 2016

An early start to the day for this wedding at a new location for us. Redhouse Barn is a designed for purpose wedding venue in Stoke Prior, between Bromsgrove and Droitwich. The building merges new build with some components from the 1700’s.

Charlie and the bridesmaids made an early start with hair and make up, with short breaks to sample the pastries provided for breakfast.

We were able to get a number of getting ready images before it suddenly became time for Charlie’s Dad to come and collect her to take her to the ceremony room.

There were lots of little details around the location that had been hand made by Tom, The seating plan board, a box of flip flops for people to use in the evening to discard formal shoes, table settings.

The ceremony room had confetti lines marking each side of the aisle.

After the ceremony we went outside for group shots after a brief heavy shower almost caused us to use plan B. It was great to be able to shoot down from the brides dressing room onto the assembled guests to get a different viewpoint.

Whilst the guests enjoyed their wedding breakfast the ceremony room was converted to a soft play area for the children.

Thanks to everyone at Redhouse Barn for their help during the day.

The  vendors that I have details for are:-

Venue – Redhouse Barn

Florist – Wyre Florist 5 New Road Kidderminster DY10 1AF 01562 741900

Dress Supplier -Your Wedding Shop – 1839 Pershore Road Birmingham B30 3DJ

DJ details – Wedding and Party DJ’s 79 Friar Street Worcester WR1 2NT

and here are a few images of the day

the wedding dress by What a Picture Photography
Charlie’s wedding dress hangs ready for the day
Fixing the grooms buttonhole by What a Picture Photography
Tom gets his buttonhole fixed by Theo
getting ready - What a Picture Photography
Getting the garter right needs some help with balancing
make up touch up - What a Picture Photography
Make up being carefully touched up
vows by What a Picture Photography
Our happy couple exchanging vows
ring exchange by What a Picture Photography
Charlie puts Tom’s ring on his finger
first kiss by What a Picture Photography
First Kiss
confetti shower by What a Picture Photography
The confetti shower
bride and bridesmaids by What a Picture Photography
The bride and bridesmaids
bride and groom by What a Picture Photography
Bride and Groom take a rare moment to themselves
father of the bride - by What a Picture Photography
Father of the bride’s speech
garden alone time by What a Picture Photoraphy
A quick kiss in the garden
Tom carrying Charlie a little close to the water - by What a Picture Photography
“Don’t you dare drop me in the water”
Garden session by What a Picture Photography
Charlie and Tom in the gardens


The Little Black Dress sessions

What a Picture Photography are part of a National group of studios known as the Xperience Group.

Between now and Christmas the group intends to undertake around 1000 sessions with Women in their Little Black Dresses. The idea is a celebration of women and their fashion favourite “The Little Black Dress”

What an opportunity to get some pictures just for you or to give as a gift. We can offer products to meet every need.

why not get in touch and talk to us about YOUR session. Please tell any of your friends who may be interested. The sessions will take place on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays

Little Black Dress advert - What a Picture Photography
The little black dress advert

Cara and Morgan's Sheldon Wedding

Recently we photographed the wedding of Cara and Morgan.
We thought that it was going to be a great day with all going to plan. Boy did mother nature throw us a curve ball later.
After the ceremony we did some images requested by the couple to show the link between the family and the church.
After those were done we all headed off to the reception at Nailcote Hall Hotel.
Once we got to the hotel mother nature struck with a monsoon the likes of which I hadn’t seen for many years. The ushers had to leap from the limo into the rain and long jump over the puddles.
It was quite late into the proceedings when the rain stopped for long enough for us to go out onto the golf course for a couple of bride and groom portraits.
I asked Cara a few questions about how she and Morgan got together.
First Meeting: Morgan was in the year below me at school and was friendly with my sister before I knew him properly.
I was out on a night out in town and Morgan was there with some friends, we got chatting and exchanged numbers.

First Date: We went for a drink in a bar local to where we live, very laid back, so we couldn’t bump into anyone we knew! It was all very casual to begin with.

They’re the one: We got on really well and it progressed from there, the rest as they say is history! Pretty soon after being together we knew that we had something that could last. We got on really well and had a similar group of friends.

The proposal: Christmas Day, at my mom and dads house. Very personal and special that my mom and dad could share the proposal. I was very shocked as I thought we wouldn’t ever get engaged, we’d been together over 7 years and had a little boy. But it was a lovely surprise.

One thing about each other: Morgan is a brilliant Dad.
Morgan says He loves how caring I am.

Theme inspiration: I love vintage things, so having a vintage style wedding seemed the obvious choice. I went to quiet a few vintage wedding fairs and got lots of inspiration from there. My wedding notebook was my bible for the 2 years after booking the wedding.

One thing I wish I’d known earlier: How much work is involved and how time consuming it is! Especially when you try to do a lot of it yourself!

The bridal party
The bridal party
The garter is handed down to each bride in the family as the something blue.
The garter is handed down to each bride in the family as the something blue.
How the garter becomes the something blue
How the garter becomes the something blue
Bridesmaids Laura, Kate, Ellie
Bridesmaids Laura, Kate, Ellie
Last message to Morgan before the bride arrives
Last message to Morgan before the bride arrives
A proud dad escorts his daughter down the aisle
A proud dad escorts his daughter down the aisle
The happy couple congratulated by their friends
The happy couple congratulated by their friends
The church means a lot to the family
The church means a lot to the family
"We want you"
“We want you”
ad's speech  has obviously got an amusing anecdote about Cara
ad’s speech has obviously got an amusing anecdote about Cara
The happy couple at Nailcote Hall
The happy couple at Nailcote Hall
Cara and Morgan come down to the reception
Cara and Morgan come down to the reception
The rain finally stopped so that we could do a quick session outside
The rain finally stopped so that we could do a quick session outside
Loads of little gazebo's and shelters in the grounds to use
Loads of little gazebo’s and shelters in the grounds to use
Don't they look happy
Don’t they look happy
another kissing bench to try
another kissing bench to try
Great to see a bride with a veil . Had to throw it didn't we
Great to see a bride with a veil . Had to throw it didn’t we
Mom and dad enjoying the reception
Mom and dad enjoying the reception
The nights headliners,The Glamophones
The nights headliners,The Glamophones
Cara meets the Glamophones
Cara meets the Glamophones


Upcoming Wedding Fayre

If you are looking for wedding suppliers – including us why not pay a visit to the Westmead Hotel at Hopwood on Sunday 18 September 2016


preview flyer wedding fair the westmead hotel 18th september

We would love you to come and say hi and stop for a chat whilst you are having a browse. This is a nice venue for your wedding and is well located if you have guests traveling from far afield.  If it’s a nice day why not have a walk down to the canal whilst you’re in the area.

Kirsty and Carls wedding at St Leonards Church, Frankley

This wedding was definitely the full princess occasion. Horse and carriage, dove release and the sweep as well.

It was a pleasure to go to work for this wedding as the families were great fun to work with.

Before I show you some pictures from the occasion I asked Kirsty a few questions about her and Carl.

Here’s what she said:-

Where did you meet? – At the bottom of the green hill in Weoley Castle.

When did you know Carl was the one? – As soon as we met each other.

How did Carl propose? –  We had been together for 2 years , he gave me a little green box and,  when i opened it, it said “Kirsty I love you will you marry me ”
Again last year we went to skegness for a holiday and he called me up on stage and asked me to marry him.

From meeting them I have no doubts about how close they are, virtually inseparable.

One special thing about each other?  Kirsty: i love that his eyes and has a peachy bum aha
Carl: your smile and eyes

Theme inspiration: Our brother Les picked the theme colour

One thing I wish I’d known earlier: Nothing

Tell me something quirky about each other: Cant think of anything

The carriage came from Victorian Carriages

The sweep was Jon Turner

So on with the pictures. Here are some from the day.

News update

Sorry for our absence from the blog for a while. A number of personal issues have necessitated this.

We have good news. We should be getting the keys to our studio space in Blackheath in Birmingham on Friday which will allow us to carry out portrait sessions without being held hostage by the weather.

We have a few projects in mind on the run up to Christmas and so we hope to see some of you at one of these sessions.

In the meantime we appreciate that not everyone gets to see us at events around the local area to try our scratchcards. These are for portraiture and pet portraiture. We have decided that it would be nice for more of our friends here and on facebook and twitter to have the opportunity to scratch one without physically being there.

If you click on the link to the Scratch to win page you can fill in the form and submit it to us. We will complete the details on the scratch card on your behalf and contact you to tell you what prize has been allocated. Every one is a winner for either portraiture or pets.


Keep watching for the next projects to be announced.


Andy, Kev and Kath

Make up for the ladies

Girls, you want to look your best when you are being photographed whether you be a bride , bridesmaid or mother of the bride.

Make up can always be an issue when we are using flash. There are times when we cannot use our preferred lighting due to space or time and this can affect how your make up is seen in the final images.

A colleague on a facebook forum pointed me to a website where the use of make up for photography in addition to other useful hair and skin tips is shown.

Venusian Glow

let us know if you find it useful and post a comment on their site as well to encourage more useful tips.


Till next time




Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session

Last weekend we had the pleasure of meeting Charlie and Tom for the first time for their pre-wedding session. They opted for the venue for their upcoming wedding, Redhouse Barn in Bromsgrove.

This is a great venue with plentiful locations to photograph at. Unlike most hotel type wedding venues where the wedding room is just a function room, the one here has some atmosphere and, I suspect, a lot of time went into its design.

The fact that we had a very natural couple to work with was a bonus.

Looking forward to some late evening photo’s here on the wedding day over water.

Enough from me her are some pictures from the session.

Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom's pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove
Charlie and Tom’s pre-wedding session at Redhouse Barn, Bromsgrove

Pre-wedding at Chesterton Windmill

Last weekend saw us set off to Chesterton Windmill near Leamington Spa for a pre-wedding session with Cara, Morgan and Keane.

This is a popular location for photographers as the colours change each time you visit.

On this occasion Andy did some behind the scenes shots whilst Kev was doing the real pictures.

Unfortunately no rapeseed fields this year to brighten the overcast day.

Chesterton Windmill – pre-wedding-1
Chesterton Windmill – pre-wedding-2
Chesterton Windmill – pre-wedding-3
Chesterton Windmill – pre-wedding-4

You charge HOW MUCH?

A regular thing that wedding photographers have to deal with is peoples inability to realise what is involved financially for a photographer to take care of their wedding. The same people will pay £60 per hour to their garage to have the car fixed without batting an eyelid. All businesses have expenses for insurance, accountants etc that have to be paid for during the year and each client pays a share of those expenses.

On average at What a Picture two of us will be with you for up to 12 hours on the wedding day and then I’ll probably need another 12 man hours to do the post processing work before we show them to you. That’s just one commission.

The kind folks at have produced an infographic for you to give you some idea. Have a look.

click to go to the infographic

There is a wedding photographer for every budget so please don’t ask your family to take the wedding photographs  for you, they are there to have fun too. Hire a professional to do what they do best,  relax and have a great day at your wedding.

30 Horses in 30 days

It’s summer and time for a project. The project is to photograph 30 equine sessions in 30 days It’s going to be a great way to get  photographs of yourself and your horse which always look good on the wall of the home, office or even the stable office.001-150827-Abigail-facebook

We are offering a free 1 1/2 hour session worth £175 for 30 lucky clients in August and the first week in September. Sessions would be mainly 0930 and 1600 on Monday to Friday to allow for as many of you as possible to be off work, school, Uni.

included in the session are:-

7″ x 5″ framed desk print

In person viewing session at your home 1-2 weeks after the session

special offers on purchases

Terms and Conditions

By booking on this promotion you agree that we may use the images on our website, social media and marketing materials.

The value of the print (£75) may be used against a wall product

Clients under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent

Location must be within a 30 mile radius of Kings Norton, Birmingham


How to Book

Please use the Contact Form   and give some available dates together with your contact details and we’ll call to arrange a slot with you.

Telephone us on 0121 663 0442

Message us at Facebook-Birmingham Equine Portraiture or Facebook – What a Picture Photography

Portfolio Shoot With Milly

Last week saw Andrew from What A Pet visited Milly and her owner Jenny, Milly is a 4 month old Bolognese, what a bundle of fluff.


Jenny very kindly allowed Andrew to use Milly for a portfolio shoot,I arrived early evening as was greeted by Jen with Milly in her arms,most dogs when they meet a a stranger tend to be very weary of new people, but Millywas so excited with her little tail going and trying very hard to give me a big lick on the face.(always nice to be loved).

We went into the rear room and I got out a little blue soft toy for Milly to play with,I really did not realize just how much Milly would like it, she did not let go of it for most of the shoot.


Milly is a real natural in front of the camera and everyone who meets her can only fall in love with her,


We moved into the front room where Jen put on one of Milly’s favorite tops and she sat a posed for me on the arm of the chair,


He is a quick shot with a tired Milly with Jenny and  at 4 months it was all getting a bit to much after a hour or so of shooting, I am looking forward to going back to see Milly in a few weeks time when the weather improves and we can get into the garden and shoot some action shots.

Thank you to Both Milly and her owner Jenny look forward to a return visit very soon